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April Monthly Meeting Event
Event Details
Date: 08 Apr 2024 Time: 14:00
Duration (months): 2 hours Location: Ellendune Community Centre
Meal Included?: NoNo
Maximum Attendees: 200
Guests Allowed?: NoNo


Join author and TV historian Jeff Evans on a journey through your childhood as he tells the fascinating story of children’s television in the UK.

Jeff’s colourful talk covers the period from the start of television to the 1970s, truly a golden age for those of us who grew up glued to the small screen when we returned home from school.  Some people will remember the earliest TV stars such as Muffin the Mule and Andy Pandy; others will recall with great fondness series such as Crackerjack, Ivor the Engine, Thunderbirds, The Magic Roundabout and the rather spooky The Singing Ringing Tree.  This talk features them all, and much more besides

This fully illustrated talk will bring back a wealth of happy memories and Jeff will ensure that there are plenty of surprises along the way.