Personal Diary Project

What's the idea?

With a SUCAS account, members can already see to which groups they belong and the associated emails for those groups. For my own photography groups, members often ask "When's the next meeting and what are we doing?". I usually don't know the answer to the when as the groups meet once every four weeks - not a ready calculation across the months. The answers are on the public websiste - you don't need to logon. The when is in the group information as the date of the next meeting and the what can be found by looking at the group programme. But it's several steps, especailly if you are looking at more than one activity. Other information, such the courses to which you have subscribed, is only available under a SUCAS account but you can subscribe to a course whithout logging on.

The idea of the Personal Diary is to bring all that information into one place in an easily accessible manner.

The project is very much a chicken and egg project, actually several cases of that.

  1. To test it, it needs to be on the live system as that is where the information to drive the diary is being updated but that means all the problems are visible.
  2. It's very difficult to test on all possible combinations as we have 2000+ individual members. It's pulling together a lot of different threads, where each thread may or may not be present for an individual.
  3. It relies on a lot of people to actively update the group, diary and other information before it is fully effective. It is difficult to get everyone to do that if there is no immediate benefit, but difficult to make the personal diary of use without the information.

It has to start somewhere and it's going with what is there. Hopefully the facility will make it more rewarding to update the system as the information is now more accessible to members and hence more generally used.

The sessions for a group are listed for two months from the current date irrespective of the frequency. So, if a group meets every week, you will get about eight sessions but only two if it meets once a month.

There are some activities, like the Monthly Meeting, that are open to any member and so these also appear in the personal diary. Any Latest News will appear at the top of the diary.

There are some extra facilities that have been built into the presentation,

I hope some of you will try it. The output has two formats, one for a large screen with a mouse and one for smaller screens. It will work on a smartphone but on my smart phone it is suffering from arbitary text size at present, but it does work. I've also pinned it to my start screen for quicker access on all my devices. The two links on the sign-in page give you instructions for that. To use it you need to give your name and membership number. I haven't found a way to save that on a smartphone at present, so it is two stage currently, but quicker than trying to look up all that information individually.