Swindon U3A is run by its members, who are all volunteers. The U3A is an organistion with the ethos that everyone participates - everyone benefits as members share their experience and provide their time to do so. There are no paid posts. The groups set up to organise an activity only exist because all members are willing to work together to make them function.

Participating in Activity Groups

Participating in General Activities

General Activities cover subjects such as films, accademic talks, the monthly meeting, day visits and holidays. These activities are advertised in the What's On listing on the home page of the web site.

Swindon U3A funded General Activities - Members Only

These are generally the films, accademic talks and the monthly meeting and take place in public venues. Numbers for these events have a legal limit on the number attending set by local regulations for the venue. There will normally be booking link in the diary entries for the activity, or there will be an email link to the organiser for the activity.

Please use the booking links, where provided, as this simplifies the work involved for the organiser.

Visits and Holidays

These are organised by the various activity groups and are generally by coach, thereby placing a limit on the numbers. If group members do not take all the available places, the visits are usually opened to the general membership (and sometimes guests of members) on a first come, first served basis,

The charges for the visit and the itinerary will be published on the web site and in the printed Newsletters and What's On. Email links to the organiser will be published on the web site and some visits may allow direct on-line booking. Payment for the visit is made to the organiser.