If you have membership or general enquiries please phone or visit the office when it is open or use the appropriate e-mail address below. More Information can be found on-line using the links above.

Address: u3a Office,
Gorse Hill Community Centre,
Chapel Street,
(click here for map)
Hours: The office is closed until further notice.
Telephone: Please do not phone as the answer phone will not be monitored.

Click here to send a message.

Entrance to the office is from the middle door on the right-hand side of the building.

General enquiries may be made via this website to members of the committee, the office by using the menu path Contact us -> Send a message. Use the options to select where the message is to go. Messages to general destinations (General enquiries & Membership) will only get read when the office is open.

For enquiries about a specific activity, use the link for that activity on the Activities -> Summary menu path to find the details for that activity and then use the message facility for the group in which you are interested.